Often times we wander thru this world
 wondering if we are doomed to go our 
 entire existence alone or not
If we must grow old alone 
If we will have noone to share 
 our ups and downs with
If we will never experience the
 joy of a family, a child, or
 the joy of just belonging..
Well who can answer that one?
Maybe if we took the time to
 look around us at the people 
 are here instead of who may be
 ahead then we could understand
 that person was right there
 waiting all along

Or not

Even if after countless tries
 after endless failures you 
 still feel alone then maybe
 you can visit this place
 and understand that there
 are people just like you
 endlessly searching forever
 just for one thing.....
To belong and that is what we
 all need just to belong
To be called someone's
That is the basic need
 that makes what we are
 human and remember...
If we all are searching
 then how can we be....

this many now know that they are not alone

Remember you are never alone
 even if you seem to be out 
 here in this universe there
 are souls that feel the same
 and they too yearn just to...
So my friends be happy for you 
 are not...
Alone anymore you are joined by
 the rest of the world 
Peace to you