To My Dearest

~~~My Love~~~
My love,
I have never held you
nor felt your caress
Yet I feel that we have
been together since the dawn 
of time
There are times that I curse 
the very thing that has brought 
us together
A computer
Yet without it I may have never 
have known the joy fo loveing
such a wonderful women as you
to touch you
to hold you
to stroke you hair as we lay
down to sleep
these are the things that I desire
but alas for the time being I 
must hold you through a screen
yet this does not diminish my Love
It only makes it stronger and more secure
for you my love I know no limits fo my 
feelings that I carry in my heart for
My love I want you to know that till the day
I finaly get to look you in you eyes and utter 
the words that I have typed a thousand times
that this page will stand testimony to my love
and devotion to you
My dearest once more I type and attest to the
fact that I do indeed
           LOVE YOU

These words are dedicated to Rain from Burnz