Forever is a promise that most make
 but what is forever?
Is it till the world stops?
Is it till the rivers and
 streams run dry..
Or is till someone gets tired
 and decides it is over
This is the question that I 
 ask myself time and time again
 and I still dont know the answer
However as each day passes I feel
 that I am one step closer to the 
 answer to this
Forever is till the soul dies
 and with this understanding
 comes the knowledge that I
 can never again offer this to 
 someone again so lightly, so
 easily, so completely 

So now

So now know this whenever
 I offer forever it is till
 my soul dies 
Not till I get tired or bored
For I have understood and realize
 the futility of empty promises, 
 now all that remains is the
 truth, and know this I offer
 this only once 
Once rejected or accepted 
 the offer stands never to be
 rebuked again or taken back in
 spite or anger so never fear
For when I offer Forever it is with
 the knowledge that it is till the end 
 of time

Forever is a long time and this many have joined the journey

Forever, till the world stands still,
 till the rivers run dry,and till the
 souls die are all ways to say
That I will always be here
So when you promise this be sure
 that you mean it for if not then
 you lose not the only one you promised
 this to but you lose a part of your soul
 in the process
Peace to all