Two hearts, souls, bodies and minds joined as one
that is what we have become two people in this 
world that has found in each other our spirits so kindred
that we each know what the other feels without asking
so my Love I wish to take the time to tell you
that yes I do love you and that even though
you know it
I feel that I can not say it enough times
I also realize that our journey together has
not been an easy one so far 
and I praise the power that be for the day
when I met you and for the patience that is
bestowed upon you to deal with me when I am at
my worst
for these things my Love I bow upon bended knee
and offer myself to you for all eternity
come what may
                                Love You ,
My Love, My Heart, My Mind, and My Soul are yours 
for all time. This is my vow to you my love
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