As this is my first attempt at a page you must overlook the simple approach. As I become more familiar at this it will improve. First of all I spend most of my time in Virtual Places a really neat chat program (if you dont have it..... get it). Secondly I made this just for a place to hang out at. Thirdly I just wanted a page of my own. I want to take the time to say hi to all my friends from VPlaces. Palomino_1, Mrs2good, Stinger4, Muffy12, and TJ101. The last one I really owe a thank you for showing me your page and getting me interested. To all the others that was not mentioned here I am sorry but there are so many of you that I would run out of space. HeHeHe :)

My Snazzy List of Links

This is where u can get the software for VPlaces
Its free and it is the best chat going
Please sign my guestbook
my place to relax
another quiet place to rest :)
follow this link for a change of life


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