Free Spirit, my love, this is the page that is yours, hope you like it for my love it is just a small symbol of my feelings for you "One Heart, One Mind, One Body, and One Soul" Now and Forever Love, Bama 10pm 1/29/99 My love to wander along the winds of time with you is all I ask of you to be a part of the joy that you call life is one thing that I wish to share regardless of what others say or believe I know this what I want My love I cherish the time we have spent together and look forward to the rest, for who knows what is in store but I know that beside you all things are possible for in you I see the goodness and warmth of the thing so many refer to as love yet few ever experience it and for this I thank you for I truly have learned to love and thru you I have learned to enjoy life for this I bow to you and want you to know that ALWAYS, ALWAYS my thoughts are with you Once I was alone now I am alone no longer Once I hurt but now I am healed Once I yearned for love now I am loved Once I was incomplete now I am whole Once I was scared now I fear nothing but the loss of you Once I was lost till you found me Once I cried from pain now it is from joy Once I waited for the end now I run from yet Once I wandered now I belong For these things that to some may seem small but to me are large I thank You for being You for being the one that I can call mine, My Love