My Friends

My friends just a few words from me 
first congrats hehehe damn it made
me so happy to be asked by you to do 
the ceremony angain thank you
now I want yall to know that
I consider you two some of my
if not my closest friends here in
vplaces so to that end I wish you both
nothing but happiness.
Well Stone(Jerry) and Bos (Kim)you finally
tied the knot!!!So happy fot the two of you> 
The times we have spent in vp have some times 
been my sanity and I am so happy to call you 
friends!Congratulations and maybe someday if it
 is your wish you both will have real world too!! 
                Take my hand
                 Walk with me
                Show me that you care
                For sometimes there are
                I simply cannot bare
                 Be my lover
                Be my friend
                but most of all
                Stand by me
                 Til the end!!  

A few words from my heart to yours that 
signify love honor and loyalty!

Be Happy