Two hearts, souls, bodies and minds joined as one
that is what we have become two people in this 
world that has found in each other our spirits so kindred
that we each are afraid of the other, yet we cling
together in the hope that we have found the ONE 
the one that will understand the person that
is each of us
yet we still pull away at the times when we are the closest
why is this? is it because we still havent understood
the kindredness of our souls
as this page attests to my faith 
I know that the day approaches that we will lay aside
all fears of one another and will welcome each other fully
and this day will be the happiest of my lifetime to date
so until then this page stands as a testiment to my commitment
to both you and myself
this one is for you and it comes from the heart
                                  till then i stand not behind
                                  nor in front of you but I 
                                  stand BESIDE you
                                     love you ,


Peace is what we strive for our entire lives
and peace is what I have found with you
and I hope that you have found it with me
and while I wait for the day that I can claim you 
for the rest of my life, remember that everytime that
I look at you I feel Peace


well my dearest one the time has come
 and gone and I must say that at this
point in my life I truly Love you more now
than I did before and that nothing will
ever destroy my Love for you 
to you my Love I proclaim my honor loyalty
and respect that i feel for you and want you
to know that I am and always be yours
September 9 1998